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A Word from Ken Larson

According to Hebrews 11, one element of our belief system yields many things that are missing from our current-day culture. Many of our daily struggles are the result of some sort of disconnect in our thinking. So many people are suffering. So many people need help to get through life.

But when I read Hebrews 11:33, I see a strong and unwavering passage. It gives me confidence in God to help me through life. The part of this verse that’s so encouraging is three specific phrases that caught my attention:  “conquered kingdoms”, “administered justice”, and “gained what was promised.”

So what was the key to all three? FAITH! This entire section of Scripture reveals a very important part of life in the Kingdom. Without it, in my opinion, we cannot accomplish what we are commanded to accomplish. Faith is one of the pivotal aspects of the Christian life that is, in my way of thinking, not negotiable. Without it, we cannot please God. With it, we can disciple nations.

Perhaps we all need to remind ourselves of what’s most important for us every day. Please take the time to allow the Lord to speak into your life each day. Take the time to remind yourself of what He has done for you and through you. And, most of all, tell yourself that He is never going to leave you alone. Build your faith daily. Soon you will no longer be intimidated by all that goes on around you; you will change the atmosphere everywhere you go!
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