Who Is Saying That?

An Encouraging Word from Ken Larson:
Sometimes in our busy lives, we hear many voices whispering in our heads. Certainly God is always speaking to us, but those other voices are often so distracting that we can’t hear God. The world is a noisy place, and the enemy will not hesitate to speak lies to whoever will listen. And, sometimes, the voice in your head is YOU! That’s why it’s very important to figure out who’s saying the things you hear.
Self-talk — as psychologists say — is the way your own thoughts, repeated in your mind, are leading your behavior. What you tell yourself is critically important to how you live. Your identity is based on who you believe yourself to be, not who you have become to this stage in your life. Every one of us is telling ourselves what to believe about ourselves, based on which voice we take to heart. Father in heaven is always speaking love and guidance to each one of us, but we often get distracted by the others.
You can silence the wrong voices by agreeing with God in your self-talk. A good way to do that is to speak Scripture to yourself. Make it personal, and remind yourself of it often. This is what the Bible refers to as meditation. After a while, we begin to believe it and take it to heart.
As for the lies, refuse to take them in. By NOT believing them, we resist the enemy and the world. As Scripture says, if we resist the devil, he will flee from us. Don’t give him any room to influence your thinking. Disregard everything that is a lie.
Give God the glory when you recognize how positive self-talk is beginning to change your outlook on life. He made us to have an overcoming spirit. By doing this, we are fulfilling His calling in our lives. It is just one more way we are able to worship Him and bring His Kingdom to earth.
I pray that you will soon discover the joy of His voice as it reverberates throughout your life to propel you into His destiny for you.
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