Walking out Life at The Gateway

Our Core Values

We are pursuing the culture of heaven

1.   We make His presence our highest priority.

We are people who passionately pursue God's presence. Our very existence as humans is found when we discover all life flows from Him. A lifestyle of prayer and worship creates intimacy; friendship with Him is our greatest joy and most valued treasure. His loving pursuit of us draws us to Him causing us to realize He is all we need.

2.   We know who we are in Christ.

By heaven’s declaration, we are sons and daughters of God. Our position in and through Christ’s death and resurrection establishes our identity. We are complete in Him and live free from the power of sin. Our approach to God is without shame, fully receiving all the Father gives to us as our inheritance.

3.   We love like He loves.

We are a culture of love, carrying God’s heart to celebrate others. Our fearless love makes connection the goal of our relationships, creating a safe place for freedom, acceptance, and vulnerability. We have chosen to see one another as each was created to be, finding the treasure within and declaring it over one another.

4.   We live from Heaven’s full access.

We are citizens of heaven, taking hold of everything within the Kingdom. Lacking nothing, we shift atmospheres, bringing transformation to the world around us. Withholding nothing, we live a life of risk, determined to see the Kingdom advancing.

5.   We release the Kingdom wherever we go.

As Kingdom carriers in many areas of influence, we operate in the gifts, anointing, and calling that have been placed within us to partner with God to fulfill His mission on the earth. We fully receive the five-fold offices God has given the Church. We honor their gifts to equip and promote our growth that assists to define and fulfill our individual, as well as our corporate call. With the Kingdom in hand, we freely give what we have received, carrying out the greater works Jesus declared we would do.

6.   We do Church as Family.

We are leaving a legacy by building a community that pursues the culture of heaven. We live cross-generationally, meaning that every generation among us is fully alive and working together. Making family our way of life, we take personal responsibility to engage in the vision God has for us. Because we value relationship with one other on a real-life level, we create an atmosphere of home.